5 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom for Under $50

Did you know that you can give your bathroom a well needed facelift without totally bathroombreaking the bank? By following these simple suggestions you will be able to update and essentially renovate one of your most used rooms. (and one of the rooms that potential buyers pay especially close attention to)

* Paint Your Cabinets: You are not doomed to have those light wood colored cabinets forever.  All it takes is a little elbow grease in the form of sandpaper and paint.  One of the most popular colors now is white or a light colored paint that not only modernizes but also makes the space appear brighter and bigger.

* Tile It: What is so great about tiling now is that you don’t need to go through the long, labor intensive process of actual tile but instead use the peel and stick tile.  The final result is almost eerily the same and the cost and work is much lower.

* Paint the Door: While you still have your paint supplies handy you may want to paint the interior door to the bathroom an eye popping color.  This gives the entire room a focal point and brightens it up.

* Change Your Lighting:  More specifically change the glass covering on your lighting.  This is an inexpensive way to purge your old looking bathroom and give it a modern makeover.

* Change Your Towels and Bathmats: This seems simple enough and you will be amazed at the overall change.  As a side note: even if your bathmats come with a fluffy toilet seat cover… don’t use it.  It makes the entire bathroom look very dated!

Trails of Terror…Great Halloween Fun

Want to do something good for your heart health?  Go to Trails of Terror in Markleville this week! Yep you heard me right, going to the scariest outdoor haunted trail could not only be exciting and terrifying it can also benefit your overall health! Studies show that being scared causes your heart rate to speed as well as the subsequent release of adrenaline cause your heart rate and strength of contraction to increase, in order to supply your muscles with more oxygen and glucose. Your heart therefore gets a workout, just as it would if you went for a jog.  And with this half mile trail through six acres of foggy breathtaking terror you are sure to achieve all the cardiovascular workout you need for the day.  And lets face it if you are given the chance to run on a boring treadmill by yourself in a stuffy gym or enjoy a Halloween tradition with your friends or family the choice is obvious.  So bring your running shoes because this Halloween destination will scare the socks right off of you.