Halloween Magic Show

I know many of you are always on the lookout for fun Saturday activities for the kids to do! hat with logoThis Saturday you will have no trouble at all finding something the whole family is sure to enjoy because the Pendleton Community Library is hosting a Halloween themed magic show at 10 am Saturday morning (Oct.25th).  During the show children will be asked to join in on the fun and all children will receive a prize for participating.  Halloween refreshments will also be served.  After the show is an ideal time to check out everything else that our amazing library has to offer! Hope to see you there!

Halloween Today, Trick or Treat Tomorrow!

You’ve likely heard the news…but due to anticipated inclement weather, the town of Pendleton will be changing Treat or Treat hours to Friday, November 1st from 6 to 9 p.m.


Happy Halloween everyone! Be safe and have fun!

Halloween Parade Saturday!

Okay, princesses, princes, ninjas, skeletons, animals, witches and ghouls, it’s time to join everyone in the annual Halloween Parade! The parade is this Saturday, October 26th.


Here are the details…meet up with everyone behind the post office at 9:30 a.m. The parade will begin at 10 a.m. and will travel through our downtown Pendleton streets en route to Falls Park.

Once the parade arrives at the Falls Park Shelter House, judging will begin. This year’s categories are: scariest, prettiest, cutest, funniest and most original. Judging will be done in six age groups: preschool, Kindergarten, 1st – 2nd grade, 3rd – 4th grade, 5 – 6th grade and 7th grade and up. All of you boys and ghouls…I mean girls…will have the chance to win cash prizes and everyone who joins the parade in costume will receive a bag of goodies.

For more than two decades, this parade has been an annual Halloween tradition traveling through downtown. The Lion’s Club will be sponsoring this fun and free event so come out and participate!

Trails of Terror…Great Halloween Fun

Want to do something good for your heart health?  Go to Trails of Terror in Markleville this week! Yep you heard me right, going to the scariest outdoor haunted trail could not only be exciting and terrifying it can also benefit your overall health! Studies show that being scared causes your heart rate to speed as well as the subsequent release of adrenaline cause your heart rate and strength of contraction to increase, in order to supply your muscles with more oxygen and glucose. Your heart therefore gets a workout, just as it would if you went for a jog.  And with this half mile trail through six acres of foggy breathtaking terror you are sure to achieve all the cardiovascular workout you need for the day.  And lets face it if you are given the chance to run on a boring treadmill by yourself in a stuffy gym or enjoy a Halloween tradition with your friends or family the choice is obvious.  So bring your running shoes because this Halloween destination will scare the socks right off of you.