Benefits of Listing Your House in the Fall

I think it is common knowledge that listing your house in the spring time is the most fall photo with logopopular time but did you know that fall listings can be just a successful.  Think about it… most people who are house shopping want to make sure they have found their new home before the harshest part of the winter hits.  This ensures that those buyers are more serious, make quicker decisions, and want to speed the process along just as quickly as you, the seller, does.

Curb appeal is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of selling a home. If you can’t get them interested from the outside there is not much of a chance they will even take the time to see the inside.  And really, what better backdrop can you have to your home than the deep, rich, and beautiful colors of the fall leaves.  You can’t buy this type of home staging!

The fall weather also helps to encourage potential home buyers to set up roots.  With the chill in the air the desire to nestle into a cozy, warm home is almost instinctual.  Increase the appeal by lighting a fire in the fireplace, baking a batch of cookies, and adding warm, earth tones to the interior of your home.  All of these will help the buyer feel at home and comfortable.

If you are considering selling your house soon but thought you should wait until spring… don’t! We can help you figure out the best home selling plan, price, and timeline.  Feel free to contact us with any questions! We look forward to hearing from you!

Fall Fun at Family Friendly Farm

With October quickly creeping in it is time to embrace all that fall has to offer.  One of the best ways to get in the spirit of the season is to visit a pumpkin patch and I have found the most amazing one around.  It is Smith Family Farms located on 675 South in Pendleton.  This family farm has been owned and operated for more than 100 years and boasts over 3000 acres planted yearly.  Through each weekend in October the farm opens up their pumpkin patch to the public.  I think picking out your own pumpkins with your kids trumps a store-bought one any day.  But they offer much more than pumpkins!  There is also a corn maze, pony rides, hay rides, a petting zoo, and lots of yummy food.  And a side note to the teachers out there: they offer field trips during the weekdays as well, the cost is $6.00 a kid and teachers are free.  What a great way to get outdoors and experience nature in a fun environment and I’m sure a great backdrop for some photo ops with the kids!