5 Questions Often Overlooked When Buying a House

When buying a house there are so many things running through your head like, “is this the questions man with logoschool system we want our future kids to go to?, “will all of my shoes possibly fit in this closet?” and “I wonder if there are hard wood floors under this out-dated carpet?”  And while questions like these are oh-so-important there are 5 questions that most potential home buyers forget to ask.

1.) Why is this house for sale?  While the answer may be innocent enough such as the kids moving out, moving for a job, etc. the answer may also surprise you and could provide some insight when writing your offer.

2.) Has the property been tested for radon? This question could literally save your life.

3.) Are there many kids or dogs in the neighborhood? The answer to this question could be either positive or negative depending on what you are looking for in a neighborhood.

4.) What is the home’s zoning guidelines?  This is an especially important question if you are thinking about adding on any structural additions to the home.

5.) Has this home ever had a mold inspection? If the answer is no… get one.  If the answer is yes make sure to look at the results thoroughly.  This could help avoid some very costly and potentially dangerous issues down the road.

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