Outfitters Inc.: Helping Those Within Our Own Community

outfitters    We’ve all heard the saying, “It takes a village”, “Charity begins at home” and so on but two women, Michelle Marks and Mary Harvey took a stance and followed through on those famous sayings.  Not only did they create a wonderful organization called Outfitters Inc. which provides clothing to children in need but they did so right in their own community! Outfitters supplies new and quality used clothing to low income families in a boutique type setting that assists in providing a positive self image for the youth in our community.  Since their start in 2005 they have managed to clothe over 2,395 kids in and around our town.

There are also ways that you can get involved and help to make Outfitters a continued keller williams at outfitters(and necessary) success.  First of all, you can donate shoes and clothing.  In fact, 75% of their clothing needs are met through donations of quality used, in-style clothing from individuals in the community.  Here is a link to the types of clothing and/or accessories that they are currently accepting! Financial donations are also greatly needed for a plethora of different uses.  You can donate online as well! Last but not least they have a wide range of volunteer opportunities for adults and youth alike.  Click here to see how you can help and lets come together as a community to ensure that this incredibly worthwhile organization continues its mission for years to come!

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