The History Behind One Of Our Charming Downtown Listings.

We have a listing located in the Pendleton Historic District that is simply packed with a great story and many original features and charming details, making it such a unique home. The home is located on 111 South East Street and is currently listed for $185,000. This four-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom home was built in the Spring of 1898 when East Street did not exist, but the area was known then as Hardy’s Platt.

East Street for blog

This historic home is considered a farmhouse in construction and is classified as a Victorian Cape Cod. Alvin and Emmeline Loy built the house on Hardy’s Platt in 1898. The house would remain in the Loy family from 1898 to roughly 1980 when it changed hands a few times in the Claude and Lillian Jones family and the Herbert and Betty Jones family.

From 1988 to 2012, the exterior was painted in a Victorian plum color and in the summer of 2012 was scraped and repainted with the current Cadet Blue. In 2011, with a grant from the Pendleton Historical Society Façade Grant, the porch was rebuilt and painted. This house and its historical significance qualifies it as eligible for the yearly Façade Grant.

Back in 1914, the property included a White Oak tree, but it had to be taken down in the autumn of 2005, when an arborist had diagnosed the tree as having only 24% living parts. It had stood on this property since before the Civil War. Sometime around the World War I, it had been hit by lightning and began to slowly die. Upon its dismantle, it was discovered that from the ground to twelve feet up, the tree had been hollow.

A Red Delicious apple tree, saved from the 75% off heap at Lowe’s in 2010, now stands in the place where the great White Oak had once stood. Although this tree does produce viable fruit, an arborist has advised that the blossoms be removed from this tree starting in spring of 2014 and for three additional years in order that the trunk be allowed to fatten and support fruit bearing branches.

The home features so much character in its original features such as fixtures, elaborate interior and exterior trim work and open stairway. The Oak beam that is on the corner of the kitchen bar in the stairway landing and the wooden step in the back dining room is original, dating back to 1898. The light fixture in the front living room is authentic to the Victorian period however, it has been wired for electricity. No major changes were made to the basic floorplan of the farmhouse until 1988, when the current kitchen, back dining room and the upper two rooms (the ones you have to step down into) were added onto the home. The picket fence and gate was added onto in 2013. The home as it stands now, is over 3600 square feet.

What you’ll get with this incredible historic home: all major appliances including the refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, water softener, gas stove (oven is electric) as well as the freezer in the basement and the washer and dryer upstairs in the laundry nook. All of the carpet except for the master bedroom is brand new. The microwave and stove are three years old.

The house also contains an upgraded electrical package and is wired for internet and satellite TV. The fireplace has been inspected and cleaned and is wood burning. All rooms with the exception of the downstairs bedroom and front living room have new ceiling fans.  All of the doors have been rekeyed to one key and the backdoor has keyed and keyless remote entry. The code on the door can be changed to your own personal code of choice.

What’s nearby? You will love the convenience of this home! Pendleton Elementary and Pendleton Intermediate Schools are directly next door. Police and Fire are two blocks away and a state trooper lives in the immediate neighborhood. Marsh grocery is less than a mile away and during storms or power outages, the power in this area always seems to be restored first. The downtown area and Town Hall are within walking distance as well. Fall Creek Park, the Community Center, as well as Pendleton Library are also within walking distance.

Oh, and the traditions. Not only does this home bode a significant part of Pendleton history, but it is also ideal in location to take part of the annual Pendleton festivities. Parades such as the Homecoming Parade, Christmas in Pendleton Parade and the Junior Baseball League parade follows a route by this home and onto State Road 38. You are also within walking distance to all annual events such as The Heritage Fair, Outfitters Block Party, Christmas in Pendleton and the State Road 38 sale.

Want to see more of this home? Click here for the home’s web site. And, if you’re interested in seeing the home in person, contact us to schedule a showing. We are so excited to see what family moves into this home to carry on its significant legacy to our town!

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