Shake Off Winter. Here Are Some Spring Cleaning Tips.

Spring is OFFICIALLY here, so make use of this time to get your home back into the spirit of warmer weather.


Here are some Spring cleaning tips:

Pack up winter gear. Stow the winter sleds, shovels, snow blowers, heavy coats and hats in an area of your home or garage that is out of the way. Make space for warm-weather supplies.

Say goodbye to closet clutter. Donate winter clothing you didn’t wear all season to charity.

Raid the pantry. Take a look at your kitchen pantry (and refrigerator) and toss any foods that have expired. Give a good soap and water cleaning to the shelves.

Rid of the dust bunnies. Replace and/or clean the filters in your vacuum, heating and cooling systems, water purification systems and such.

Give a breath of fresh air. Strip the beds of their coverings, wash comforters, sheets, blankets and throws that you’ve been hibernating with all winter long.

Brighten your windows. Launder your curtains, dust the shades and wash the windows (both inside and out) to allow the Spring sunshine to make its way inside your home.

Share good books. If you’ve snuggled with good books all winter, donate those to the library or other local businesses to enjoy. Or, start a book share club on Facebook and share books among your friends to recycle reading materials.

Make a clean sweep. Get out the rakes, brooms, dust pans and oversized trash bags. Put some elbow grease into the yard and garage to clean up fallen leaves, trash that’s blown around during the winter and salt and grime that has settled in your driveway and garage from the rough winter.

So, shake off old man Winter and get out there and enjoy Spring cleaning your home!

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