Get Your Ducts in a Row.

The Real Estate Pros wants to let you in on a great partnership! Green Ducts, a company who ensures your duct work is air tight in your home to make your home more energy efficient provides Vectren and Citizen Gas customers a FREE duct sealing inspection!

The expert technicians will spend hours at your home making sure all the duct work is air tight which will give you more efficient heating bills. And, it won’t cost you, the homeowner, one penny!


Did you know that leaky air ducts can reduce your heating and cooling system’s efficiency by as much as twenty percent? By sealing and insulating ducts, efficiency is increased and your energy bills decrease. If you have drafty rooms, or rooms that are too hot or cold or feel overall stuffy without good air circulation, as well as the snow melting off the roof quickly after a snowstorm, it is likely you have a poorly performing home and could greatly benefit from this service.

The benefits of duct sealing are numerous. By sealing ducts properly, homes have more comfort and better efficiency because appliances aren’t being overworked. Homeowners also see better humidity control, less insects making their way into the home, and better indoor air quality with less pollen and dust.

So, how do you qualify for this FREE service? The Indiana Residential Rebate Program offers a $400 rebate to apply to the cost of an approved contractor seal your entire duct system for gas furnace clients. Green Ducts is one of the few approved contractors who is offering the service in exchange for the rebate without any additional cost, so you’re able to ensure an approved contractor manages this inspection for you. Green Ducts takes care of the paperwork and waits for the rebate check, while you enjoy your rebate savings instantly.

You simply contact Green Ducts for your pre-qualification with your Citizens Gas or Vectren account number and the account holder’s name, your address, the location of the air ducts (i.e. crawl space, unfinished basement, attic) and the specifics to those locations. In addition, you’ll need to let them know where the gas furnace is located, the age of your home, square footage, number of stories, and any known problems with the air duct system.

Learn more about the service and rebate partnership Green Ducts provides by clicking here.

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