Get Your Home Ready to Sell!

Staging your home when you’re ready to put it on the market is so important.

Think about what your home will look like when someone is searching online; which most buyers now do before even contacting their Realtor to schedule showings. It is so important for your home to photograph well, and show well once potential buyers are inside your home.


Here are a few tips:

Say goodbye to clutter. Move extra furniture to storage, making a simple and conversational furniture plan in your home. Minimize decor, have clean countertops and get those closets simplified. Home buyers look for useful storage space so keep that in mind as you stock the pantry and organize closets and cabinets.

Freshen up the walls. Add new, neutral paint to the walls. Earth tones are always a safe bet in large spaces and the colors are pleasing to the eye. If you want to go with a darker accent wall or punch or color, the powder room, dining room or bedroom may be the best space to do that. A little tip to make spaces look larger is to paint walls the same color as the draperies.

Give light to your rooms. Great lighting makes homes feel warm and welcoming. Use ambient lighting (overhead), task lighting (under-cabinet or pendant) and accent lighting (tables and walls) to aim for 100 watts for each 50 square feet. Especially in the winter, these extra lights will give warmth to homes.

Set the mood. Think of a great hotel room or spa and create a relaxing bedroom or master retreat fit for a luxury resort. Upgrade your bedding to be stylish and attractive, add a soft throw and comfortable pillows so potential buyers see this as a place they can really enjoy in their down time. Use rolled-up towels, decorative baskets, candles and accessories in bathrooms to resemble a spa.

These are just a few highlights of what to do to get your home ready to hit the market. As your Realtor, I offer every home seller a FREE professional home staging consultation with your listing. Contact me today to schedule yours!

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