What to Ask A Realtor When Selling Your Home?

It’s important to partner with the right Relator for YOU when selling your home.

It’s simple. I want to be your resource for all that is home buying. I want to help you stage your home to appeal to potential buyers, price it right to reflect the market demand, and meet the needs of you as a seller.

So much in real estate is word-of-mouth. Referrals. I pride myself on having built my successful real estate business through great clients who refer me to family and friends, and even come back to me when the time to move happens again. If you’re considering selling your home and are looking to hire a Realtor, here are some questions you should ask.


What are your credentials? You want to know that your Realtor has street cred. Not only should your potential Relator have a state license, but also have actual work experience in your market. Ask about the years of experience.

Where do you usually sell homes? Find out the niche area of expertise…does this agent sell or list homes in the area you’re interested in living? If so, he/she will have information about the market far before someone who doesn’t work in that market. It’s nice to have inside information!

Do you have a sales plan for listing my home? The marketing plan for selling your home is crucial. How will it be advertised? Search engines? Web sites? More? Having a strategy in place for selling your home is vital. A great agent will have a plan.

How many homes did you sell last year? Knowing the history of success of a potential Realtor allows you to know the direction the agent is headed.

How many days does it take you to sell the average home? Average days on the market varies widely in markets, but knowing the average of your potential Realtor can give you a good gauge on how he/she stacks up to other Realtors in the area.

How do your Realtor fees work? Ask about commission structure and policies with the listing contract.

How will you keep me informed about my home? Communication is important. Ask how you’ll be updated on showings, feedback, interested buyers and offers.

What suggestions do you have to get my home ready to list? Staging a home is pivotal in selling a home quickly. Unpack those closets to show you have storage room (people will open doors to closets and cabinets), simplify furniture plans and remove clutter from the home. (I provide a free, professional home staging consultation to my clients!)

If you’re looking to list your home, contact me to discuss these questions and any others you have in mind. My approach to real estate allows you comfort in relying upon my local market expertise to sell your home with the backing of the largest real estate company in North America, Keller Williams. For extraordinary results contact us…we are redefining the real estate experience and would love to help you sell your home.

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