Add Some Spark to the Heart of Your Home

Whether or not you’re in the market to sell your current home, the truth is…the kitchen really is the heart of your home. Keeping this hardworking room of your home up-to-date and functional is an investment worth every penny.

Here are some easy and affordable ways to not only update, but upgrade your kitchen space:

Go vintage. It’s today’s trend. Shop our local Pendleton antique stores, Facebook marketplaces, even garage sales to find fun vintage pottery, plates, serving items and more to create instant charm within your space.

Pinterest. Yes, I just made that a verb. We love Pinterest! This share site is a terrific place to see what’s popular and find some great DIY projects to make your kitchen sparkle. Follow me on Pinterest and share your pins!

Replace the faucet. The sink area has to be one of the most-used places in your home. Because of its daily go-to use, updating your faucet would provide an immediately noticeable kitchen improvement. This practical update will add style and enhance the overall design of your space.

Add functionality. Remove a cabinet door or two to expose and paint the shelves to display decorations or decorative plates that would otherwise be unseen. Or, take a kitchen closet and overhaul it to a functional, organized pantry with devoted space for everything from the tall cereal boxes to the small spice containers.


Update those windows. The right window treatment can give a completely new look to reflect your style. Curtains can highlight your kitchen’s best qualities or turn problem eating areas into updated, sleek spaces by covering awkward window placement. Choose wisely…the kitchen window treatments will need cleaned more frequently than those in other areas of your home.

Update the cabinet hardware. Have some fun adding interest to your otherwise standard cabinets by shopping for vintage hardware at antique stores or switching out to stainless, chrome or nickel at the hardware store. Be sure to count the number of knobs or pulls you’ll need to be sure you find the right amount.

Splash some color. The kitchen is a fun space to add a bold color. Energize your kitchen by painting the walls or cabinets. Consider covering chairs with new fabric, a new floor rug or new window curtains with a funky fun pattern to spice up your space. Click here to see what kitchen colors are popular today.

Color the cabinets. Add a new coat of paint or great stain color to give your cabinets new life. The kitchen space will feel larger, cleaner and simply updated. If you don’t feel like painting all of the cabinets, a fun trend is to paint three or four cabinets on a short wall to look like a hutch. Or, paint the lower and upper cabinets in contrasting colors (the upper a lighter color and the lower a darker color).

Add some food. Say what? Food in the kitchen? Well, yes…but by this I mean keep a bowl with fresh fruit on the counter for easy go-to when you and your family are hungry. Even a bowl of fresh fruit adds colorful charm to the hub of your home.

So, even if you’re planning to stay in your home, these fun and easy updates will add instant appeal to your kitchen. And, if you’re thinking of listing your home to make a move to your dream home, having a beautiful, clean and functional kitchen is a must!
If you are in the market to list your home…or move into your first home, contact me! I would love to help you find the new kitchen you’ll call the heart of your home.

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