Fairs and Jamborees…Just the Way to Wind Down Summer!

Well, it somehow managed to get here…and quickly! The end summer break is here! As the kids find out their homeroom teachers, classmates and locker numbers, enjoy your last weekend of “summer” at some of our local jamborees and fairs.

Today opens the Markleville Jamboree…a tradition in the making for over 20 years. This year’s theme is “Markleville Shines On” and runs today through Sunday, August 4.


And, of course, our very own Indiana State Fair begins tomorrow, Friday, August 2nd! This year’s State Fair is coining the theme “The Year of Popcorn.” Did you know that our Hoosier state is the nation’s second largest popcorn producer? Yes, that’s right…and popcorn will be the featured product at this year’s Indiana State Fair. Indiana’s own Pop Weaver is one of the sponsors. Weaver Popcorn Company was founded in 1928 by Indiana native Reverend Ira Weaver. Over 80 years later, Weaver Popcorn remains a family owned company growing its corn in Indiana and throughout the midwest. Weaver provides 30% of the world’s popcorn and distributing to over 90 countries across the globe. Not too shabby for an Indiana company! And in addition to popcorn, what would summertime be without the tasting this year’s “fried food” feature, ice cream from Dairy Barn or hopping on some rides in the Midway? To view the schedule of activities and events, click here.

So, pack the car full of the kids and get out there to enjoy these local festivals and fairs! I hope you have a wonderful last weekend of summer break!

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