June Jamboree…It’s Days Away!

Oh yeah…it’s that time of year again!


Our Pendleton Lions Club will be bringing us the June Jamboree this coming Tuesday, June 4th through Saturday, June 8th! This annual Pendleton tradition that goes hand-in-hand with the end of the school year! Now that the kids are out of school, it’s time to celebrate with the jamboree.

Bring your families to Falls Park for the June Jamboree and enjoy the “famous” Kiwanis K-Burgers, funnel cakes, corn on the cob, cotton candy and all the well-known carnival food favorites. The park will be lined with rides for the kids, the ferris wheel, carousel, carnival games and other attractions. The vender tent will also be in the middle of the park to meet and talk with local businesses and service providers.

Tickets can be purchased in advance from a Lions Club member, at Pendleton Travel or at Marsh. Be sure to check out Family Day on Saturday, June 8th from 1-5pm! The rides will all be one ticket. There is no admission charge to come out to the Jamboree…so load up the car and come visit this annual event to kickstart your summer!

Chartered in 1927 with around 50 members, the June Jamboree is just one of many of the events the Pendleton Lions Club puts on each year in Pendleton. The Pendleton Lions Club uses funds raised from the Jamboree to sponsor eyeglasses for children and also local Boy Scout troops.

Another key group that makes the annual Jamboree possible each year is Luehrs’ Ideal Rides, Inc. Luehrs provides fun rides and carnival games for all to enjoy!

Get Your Offer Accepted. The First Time.

Writing a competitive offer when buying a home allows you to get your offer accepted. The first time.


Having a Realtor on your side who not only knows the local community and its housing market, but also how to help offer you advice on writing a great offer the first time is key.

It’s not just about being the “highest bidder” when writing offers, but rather the bidder who offers a competitive price and places the fewest restrictions on that offer. Think of it this way, as the seller, you prefer to work with less demanding bidders over those who may offer the highest price but have strings attached with the contract. So, when you write your offer with your Realtor’s advice and expertise, you need to do so with the seller in mind…for what they will be most likely to respond to with a “yes.”

So, how can you do this?

First and foremost, rely upon your Realtor for research. What are other similar homes selling for in the area? Your Realtor can pull comps of other homes in the market like the one you want to buy and give you their original list price and for what dollar amount they’ve recently sold. Having these comparative numbers gives you a great starting point for the going rate on homes like the one you’re trying to buy. With that knowledge, your offer will be a solid, substantiated bid.

Be an educated buyer. Know your mortgage pre-qualification. Having the budget in-hand before you write that offer will eliminate the guesswork. Save yourself and the seller the disappointment of a sale that doesn’t close. Use the number you know you can comfortably afford and be sure you don’t raise your bid beyond that comfort zone. This will keep you from having any trouble at the closing table.

What if you’re not the only bidder? Your Realtor will know if there are other offers on the table for the home. When offering a bid with multiple bidders, the sale price of the home will usually be greater than its asking price. Writing a competitive offer is critical in this instance and having your Realtor’s expertise when writing that bid will give you a greater chance of getting that offer accepted.

Appeal to the emotions of the seller. Yes, buying a home is a financial transaction, but it is also an emotional one. The seller is attached to the home, has memories there, has worked to refurbish it and make it what it is today. Likewise, you have an emotional attachment to it…that feeling of “this is the one” when you walk through the front doors. In a competitive market especially, a creative way to add to your offer is to write a personal letter to the seller explaining why you love the home so much, how you see your family living there and give your emotional plea. What you say may just be the push that seller needs to choose your offer.

So, rely upon your Realtor, who spends hours of his or her week in the market knowing the ins and outs of the homes listed, sold and that didn’t sell. Use a number you know you can afford, and is a fair selling price in the market. And, keep in mind that selling and buying a home is an emotional transaction. Get your offer accepted the first time!

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Indiana on the World’s Stage This Weekend!

Can you believe all that we have going on in our very own state this weekend?

After raising the bar on all that is Super Bowl hosting last year, it seems our state’s dot on the map continues to brighten. Not only is today the 97th running of the Indianapolis 500 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but our Indiana Pacers have their Eastern Conference Finals game at 8:30 p.m.


What really stands out at this year’s Indy 500 is its poll sitter. Ed Carpenter snagged the poll position and is a native of Indianapolis, Indiana! Carpenter is the stepson of the IRL (Indy Racing League) founder Tony George and grew up loving racing as a child at the IMS (Indianapolis Motor Speedway) and qualified for this iconic starting position of the 500 as a single-car team driver. Carpenter dawns the number 20 and is sure to have the attention of all Hoosiers and beyond. He is a ten-year veteran of the track, but has never claimed this starting spot on the poll of the 500.


And, our Pacers will take it to the big screens across the country as they are in the Eastern Conference Finals playing Miami Heat. Who might you look for on the court born and raised in our Hoosier land? Pacers Guard George Hill! Hill graduated from Broadripple High School and is an alumni of IUPUI. Let’s hope our Pacers win in game three tonight…the series is currently tied 1-1.

memorial day

And, all of these events fall on Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day is a day of celebration remembering all of the men and women who died while serving in our United Armed Forces.

So, the checkered and American flags will be waving all across the country in celebration of a weekend filled with The Greatest Spectacle in Racing and the honoring of all whom died defending our freedom.

Why Pre-Qualify BEFORE You Shop For Your New Home?

Pre-qualification is one of the smartest things you can do to help your home buying process run smoothly. Why?


Well, getting pre-qualified is quick, easy and free…and it gives you an estimate in advance of what loan amount you will be able to borrow and determine the loan type that’s right for you. Pre-qualification can even be done online. The lender will review your finances and estimate the amount of loan for which you may qualify. This pre-qualification is not guaranteed or considered to be any type of loan commitment…it’s simply a tool for you to know your borrowing power.

In addition, loan guarantees are offered on a variety of government sponsored mortgage programs and enable mortgage lenders to provide USDA mortgages. What is a USDA home loan? Well, this type of loan assists borrowers who would not traditionally be able to get approved. This loan means zero money down allowing financing up to 100% of the home’s value. USDA loans also provide very competitive fixed interest rates (never an adjustable rate mortgage) and affordable 30-year loan terms. This fixed rate guarantees that your monthly mortgage payments will never increase with a USDA home loan. The only fee associated the USDA rural housing program is a small, one-time funding fee.

So, all this being said, pre-qualification before you shop allows you to budget early on, and set your expectations on what you can afford…and what you might need to get out of your current home if you’re selling too. Once you create your budget and know about how much of a monthly house payment you can comfortably afford, your new home search will be more efficient. Knowing which homes are in your price range and the loan type you will need will save you time and allow your home buying expectations to be met.

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Brown Pool Opens This Weekend!

That’s right! Grab the sunscreen, goggles and swim trunks…it’s pool time!

Brown Pool is opening this Saturday! The pool will be open Saturday, Sunday and Monday and then re-open on May 31 for the rest of the summer.


The pool hours are noon to 6 p.m., seven days a week. Cost of admission is $4 (children 3 and under and adults 62 and over are free). You can get a season tag for $60 each (or $55 each for four or more tags). 

Do you have a little swimmer who needs a little help to become a fish in the pool? Swimming lessons will be offered again this year starting the week of June 3 through the week of July 9. Children must be four years old by the time they begin swim lessons. Lessons are one hour a day for five days, Monday through Saturday from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. and Monday through Friday from 6:15 – 7:15 p.m. Lesson are $40 per child, per week.

Do you enjoy water aerobics? If so, water aerobics is offered Monday through Friday from 10 to 11 a.m. and 6:15 to 7:15 p.m. and Saturday from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. The cost for water aerobics is $2.50 per session with discounts for purchasing multiple sessions.

And, if you want to enjoy the cool, relaxing waters of the pool sans screeching babies and toddlers, you can do that too! Brown Pool offers adult swims before the pool opens Monday through Saturday from 10 to 11:30 a.m. and Monday through Friday evenings from 6:15 to 7:15 p.m. The cost is just $1 per session.

If you’re in need of a great location for a fun summer pool party, Brown Pool can also be rented for $95 per hour for the main pool…which also includes two life guards! There are other rental options as well. You can contact the office for more details or questions at 765-778-4411.

So gear up Pendleton people…it’s time for another summer of fun at Brown Pool! Have a safe Memorial Day weekend!


National Ride Your Bike to Work Day Is Friday!

Ditch the car for your commute and hop on your bike!

Go car-free this Friday, May 17 for National Bike to Work Day. May is National Bike Month…which gives us a reason to celebrate two-wheeled travel!


Here’s a link for some fun events going on in Indianapolis this Friday for this nationally-recognized event! IndyCog, the Indianapolis Bike Advocacy group focused on improving the Indianapolis bike community, is anticipating over 1,500 cyclists will be biking to the Bike Hub downtown Indy at the City Market.

Whether you bike to work or school, do so leisurely for exercise or to save the environment and a bit of gas money, May is the month recognized to celebrate just that! Our little Pendleton downtown is a perfect spot to take a bike ride. Get the kiddos, pack a little bag of bread crumbs for the ducks at Falls Park or even a picnic and take a ride to our great park for an afternoon or evening of fun.

However you may choose to celebrate it, enjoy National Bike Month!

Why Should Every Homebuyer Have a Home Inspection?

So you’re feeling like an expert on homes after a few weekends of watching back-to-back HGTV episodes?

Yeah, it happens.


Even though you may have a little bit of “street cred” on noticing issues such as signs of water damage, sloping or bowing walls, drywall pops, roof leaks or missing shingles and other wear and tear, when buying a home, you need to hire a professional to perform a home inspection.

A home inspector is trained to inspect all the major systems of a home: plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling, and will look for structural defects of malfunctions, in these areas as well as the roofing, foundation and drainage. Any damage due to pests or insect infestations will also be evaluated and a thorough review of the attic, garage and exterior of the home will be done. The interior will also get a critical review with focus on the construction of the doors, windows, ceilings and walls. All in all, the home will be scanned from top to bottom in order to discover any problems.

The home inspection will take two to three hours and will cost anywhere from $200 to over $500, depending on the location, size, age and type of home. Some home inspectors also provide services not included in a typical home inspection such as mold, radon, water bacteria, lead based paint and septic system testing as well as thermal imagery. It is recommended that you, as the potential homebuyer, be present during the inspection so that you can learn more, ask questions and get a true idea of the problems discovered…be those minor or serious.

Once the home inspection is complete, the inspector will provide a detailed report that will diagnose the current condition of the home, such as foundation, roofing, walls and structure.

The key to your home inspection is to find a qualified, trustworthy professional home inspector. It’s an asset to find inspectors who are thorough and reputable to eliminate any unanswered questions or surprises during your home buying process.

As your Realtor, I am here to help you with every aspect of buying your new home…from the canvassing of the MIBOR listings all the way to your closing. Contact me with any questions. I look forward to working with you!