Looking to list your home?


In today’s competitive housing market, one way to make your home stand out from others is to have a pre-listing home inspection.

Why do the home inspection before you list? 

Plain and simple…to sell and close your home more quickly.

The pre-listing inspection will eliminate any guesswork and allow you to be in the driver’s seat when selling your home. If the pre-listing inspection finds issues with your home, you can resolve those before you list, saving you time from negotiating with potential buyers once they have done the home inspection. If the inspection finds a serious problem needing costly repairs, you can also reduce your list price accordingly for your buyer to handle the repair.

This pre-listing inspection offers peace of mind to your potential buyers, which may expedite their offer and ease the process of the sale.

What should the inspection report reveal? The report will diagnose the current condition of your home, such as foundation, roofing, walls and structure, as well as the attic, garage and exterior of the home. It will also review the current condition of your home’s heating and cooling systems, plumbing and electrical systems, as well as doors, windows, ceilings and walls. Some home inspectors also provide services not included in a typical home inspection such as mold, radon, water, lead based paint and septic system testing as well as thermal imagery.

The key to the pre-listing home inspection is to find a qualified, trustworthy professional home inspector. It’s an asset to find inspectors who are thorough and reputable to eliminate any unanswered questions or surprises.

As your Realtor, I want to ensure that your home is ready-to-sell from the moment the sign goes in your front yard. To help you do just that, for homeowners who list their homes with me now through the end of April, I am offering a free pre-listing home inspection!

Contact me today to discuss listing your home and take advantage of this promotion for a free pre-listing home inspection. I look forward to working with you to sell your home and find you the home of your dreams!

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