Deals for Christmas Gifts and You Don’t Even Have to Leave the Couch

Christmas is so close that unless you wanted to pay an astronomical amount for shipping your gifts won’t arrive magazinesby the 25th, but fear not because I have gathered some great gift ideas that you can simply give as a certificate or printed off that will make any new home buyer, home owner, or anyone for that matter happy!

The first great gift deal I found is on groupon and for anyone who has ever moved you know how much you would appreciate this after lugging in heavy box after heavy box and that is a body massage.  For only $35.00 you can give a 60 minute  swedish or a deep tissue massage.  What a great way for someone to relax and enjoy themselves after the stress of the holidays.

The next deal is a practical and often overlooked, burdensome task that would make a great gift for anyone who just purchased a house recently and that is three hours of tree-trimming.  For only $99.00 (regularly $179.00 you can gift someone with the gift of practicality and convenience!

The last deal of the day is for the kids on your Christmas list and that is on  Regardless of how old you are and as long as it’s not a bill everyone enjoys getting mail and kids are no exception so why not give them a year subscription to zoobooks, zoobies, or zootles magazine! Not only will they enjoy reading about different types of animals but they’ll think about you each month when they receive it!

Hope you are all enjoying a stress-free holidays!

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