More Deals for the Last Minute Christmas Shopping

Can you believe that there is less than 10 days until Christmas!! Time sure flies this time of the year.  If you aretupperware anything like me you still have shopping to do and gifts to wrap so I thought I would show you some great deals that I have found and that would make wonderful gifts for that homeowner or homeowner to be!

The first deal that I found irresistible is on livingsocial and it is interior painting for a room up to 12×12.  This might be appealing to me because of my complete disdain for painting, the preparation, the taping, the multiple layers, and the unavoidable mess.  What a great gift for someone who has just bought a new house! For only $99 you can take one thing off of their inevitable long list of things to do.

The next deal from groupon is ideal for someone attempting to sell their home or moving into a new home and that is carpet and upholstery cleaning.  For a mere $59.00 you can get 500 square feet of carpet cleaned or a couch and chair cleaned.  This tends to be something that people don’t want to spend money on themselves making it an ideal and practical gift for the holidays!

And last but not least I’m sure we’ve all been there… trying to find a lid for the tupperware only to discover that it is nowhere to be found.  Or giving out goodies and meals to people and never getting your plastic containers returned.  Well this should solve your problems and make a very practical house warming or Christmas gift and that is a 60 piece fresh keeper food storage set. For only $39 it makes a very economical and thoughtful present.

And as always remember that these deals do not last long so don’t hesitate!

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