Deals You Most Definitely Don’t Want to Miss!

Christmas is coming ever so quickly and I have rounded up some fantastic deals for all your homeowners or roboticvacuumhomeowners to be on your list.  The best part is you never have to leave your house or fight the mall crowds!

The first deal I found was on livingsocial and it is one of the neatest and most unique decorations.  It is a vertical plant frame for outdoors.  This 10 cell planter is able to hold plants and flowers of all kinds and hangs up on your outdoor wall.  What a great way to display your green thumb and add a bit of flare to your outdoor seating area.  This usually sells for $199.00 but grab it right now for only $99.  This is a lovely house warming gift or gift for the avid gardener in your life.

The next deal is on groupon and it is a deal on air duct cleaning for up to 12 air ducts and your dryer vents.  In addition to cleaning you will also receive a system analysis and a mold inspection.  This gift is ideal for parents to be who want to make sure their home is clean and healthy for their little one of anyone who suffers from allergies! For only $39 you can give a personal gift that shows someone you really care.

And last but not least also on groupon there is a deal for a very sought after gadget and that is the robotic vacuum.  Imagine sitting and reading the paper all the while watching a robot sweep and clean your floors! This particular vacuum includes a pet and allergy kit ideal for cleaning up pet hair and dander.  So no more hair balls in the corner or sneezing due to allergies.  This is the perfect gift for any pet owner, allergy sufferer, or anyone who does not enjoy housework! This little gadget usually sells for over $450 but you can get it today for only $259!

And remember these deals will not last long so don’t hesitate on buying that perfect Christmas gift!

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