Deals You Don’t Want to Miss

It’s that time of year again…. last minute Christmas shopping! Luckily this year I’m going to make it easy on youwoodpic and post some of the best online deals that I have found online that would be perfect for any new home owner, someone selling their home, or anywhere in between.  But remember these sales don’t last long so don’t wait.

The first deal that I found is on groupon and it is house and window cleaning! For a mere $49 you can get 5 rooms and 2 bathrooms spic and span.  This type of service would usually cost you $150.00.  This is a perfect gift for someone trying to sell their home and needing to spruce up the place.  It would also be ideal for a busy mom, someone with a new baby, or anyone who doesn’t like to clean (I’m pretty sure that included everyone).

The next deal that I think is a wonderful gift idea to really add a personal touch to the home.  Eversave deals are offering a wood photo canvas that usually sells for $125 for $50.  You can choose any photo that you want and have it printed on high quality wood and receive free shipping.  What a great gift for grandparents or a wedding picture for a new bride.

The last deal of the day that I have for you is a very practical gift for a very dreaded chore found on livingsocial. This is a deal for gutter cleaning and it only costs $89 for 2.000 feet of gutter gunk! This is ideal for new home owners or for your elderly family who shouldn’t be up on a ladder cleaning.

Hopefully you can find something in here to help fill your lengthy Christmas shopping list.  I will continue to share new deals with you every day or so so stay tuned!

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