New Years Resolution… An Easy Solution

Every year we all make the dreaded New Years Resolution list.  And every year around ImageFebruary we admit defeat and vow to try again next year.  Well why not get off the dead end cycle and start this year with a solution that will help you with your resolutions.  How’s that you ask?  Simple…start with a new home this January.  I know you are wondering how that will help solve your resolution problem so I’ll tell you.  Most people’s New Year’s resolution list contains at least one of the following; 1.) Spend more time with family and friends  2.) Get organized and/or 3.) Enjoy life more.  So with all of these having a new home will immediately help solve these resolutions.  With a new home you will have more space and be more apt to want to show off your new house so you will entertain more.  Or the kids will want to hang out at home with their friends in their new and exciting new pad.  Either way you automatically are spending more time with those you love.  Getting organized is always difficult when you are dealing with the same cramped space.  Once you have more closet space, that extra bedroom, or a large garage getting organized becomes second nature.  Yet another resolution crossed off the list.  And last but not least almost everyone I know has enjoying life more on their New Years Resolution list.  When I see people find the house that they have been searching for and seeing them realize how nice and easier this will make things for them I always notice such relief and joy in their faces.  So as you can see buying a new house that you love will already allow you to cross off 3 resolutions from your list so you can spend the next 364 days enjoying life!

What is Your Home Worth?

home-pricesThe comparative market analysis is key to providing real estate value. When speaking with real estate professionals about the value of your home you will be introduced to the comparative market analysis (CMA). This is where real estate professionals, like me, earn our keep! As a professional real estate sales agent in Pendleton and the Madison County area I can show you in black and white what your competition is. I compile data from the Metro Indianapolis Board of Realtors to create CMA’s for local homeowners. These CMA’s determine where your home will stand in comparison to other homes on the market, and those which have recently sold to determine the highest possible asking price. Keep in mind buyers who are represented by Realtors will also have access to this info and use it to find ways to reduce his offer.

CMA’s are about facts which can be qualified and quantified. The CMA is typically designed to give quick snapshot of information such as number of bedrooms and baths, approximate square footage, amenities, age of the home, property taxes, and more. CMA’s can include homes that are currently for sale and those which have recently sold. They can go back in time as long as years, a month or week ago. CMA’s can cover areas as narrow as one or two streets surrounding your home, or as broad as an entire subdivision like Summerlake, Fox Run, Hickory Hills, Fiddlers Green, etc…  What is not included in the CMA are those factors that affect perception, and that is the key difference between why one home with identical features will ultimately command a higher price than the same house next door. Perception alters reality, and this is a crucial consideration in understanding the buying and selling process and the value of the CMA.  Much of a home’s value will ultimately be determined by the emotional impact it has on buyers. These emotions are based on subjective elements such as curb appeal, interior decor, color, light, darkness, room flow, and hundreds of other factors. At the end of each home’s information on the CMA report there will be a brief statement provided by the listing agent. This statement is usually a combination of fact and subjective opinion, and will generally cover selling points. It could be anything from “kitchen and master bath completely remodeled in 2010” to “Charming! Must see!” For privacy reasons the CMA that is offered for public consumption does not list every piece of information that has been obtained by the seller’s agent. It will give the what, when, where, but it won’t give the who (the seller’s identity) and the why (why the home is being put up for sale.) This is to protect the seller’s privacy and to keep from inadvertently giving the buyer an advantage in a distress situation.

The CMA is clearly a selling tool and should be interpreted by a professional or with complete objectivity by the seller or buyer. Remember that the CMA is also a buying tool; it is taken just as seriously by the buyer and his agent. Remember that you as a seller are going to use the CMA to ask the highest possible price for your home, the buyer is going to use it to find reasons to either choose or eliminate your home, and to arrive at the lowest price possible.

If you would like a complimentary comparative market analysis for your home visit or


Deals for Christmas Gifts and You Don’t Even Have to Leave the Couch

Christmas is so close that unless you wanted to pay an astronomical amount for shipping your gifts won’t arrive magazinesby the 25th, but fear not because I have gathered some great gift ideas that you can simply give as a certificate or printed off that will make any new home buyer, home owner, or anyone for that matter happy!

The first great gift deal I found is on groupon and for anyone who has ever moved you know how much you would appreciate this after lugging in heavy box after heavy box and that is a body massage.  For only $35.00 you can give a 60 minute  swedish or a deep tissue massage.  What a great way for someone to relax and enjoy themselves after the stress of the holidays.

The next deal is a practical and often overlooked, burdensome task that would make a great gift for anyone who just purchased a house recently and that is three hours of tree-trimming.  For only $99.00 (regularly $179.00 you can gift someone with the gift of practicality and convenience!

The last deal of the day is for the kids on your Christmas list and that is on  Regardless of how old you are and as long as it’s not a bill everyone enjoys getting mail and kids are no exception so why not give them a year subscription to zoobooks, zoobies, or zootles magazine! Not only will they enjoy reading about different types of animals but they’ll think about you each month when they receive it!

Hope you are all enjoying a stress-free holidays!

Winter real estate market for Pendleton area… why list now???

I met with sellers winter homelast week to discuss listing their home, market value and the competition currently on the market in the Pendleton area.  Most homeowners are in holiday mode right now and not thinking about listing their home.  There are advantages to being listed during the winter holiday season.  #1. Less competition in the market.  #2.  Serious buyers…life doesn’t pause for everyone during the holidays. There are people who need to buy homes in Dec and January.  Events such as job transfers, change in family status, downsizing, etc. happen at all times of the year.  Those buyers who are out looking at homes now usually have an urgency to buy.

I did a little research to see what our Pendleton market currently looks like.  Below you will see how many active listings there currently are for each price range and how many homes have sold thus far.  Right now there are 89 homes on the market in Pendleton & South Madison school districts.  They range in list price between $15,000 and $499,900.

ACTIVE LISTINGS                                               SOLD IN 1st – 3rd QTR-2012

$0-$60K                 8 listings                                             16 sold homes

$61k-$100 k          13 listings                                            18 sold homes

$101k -$125k         24 listings                                           20 sold homes

$126k-$150k           17 listings                                          17 sold homes

$151k-$175k           7 listings                                             23 sold homes

$176-$250k            7 listings                                             6 sold homes

$251k- $300k         5 listings                                             3 sold homes

$301k-$400            6 listings                                             1 sold homes

$400-$500              2 listings                                             3 sold homes

$500 +                    0 listings                                             2 sold homes

I already knew our inventory for the $150-$175 price range was scarce, as I still have several qualified buyers in this price range waiting on more homes to list.  If you are holding off for spring to put that FOR SALE sign in your yard you may want to consider beating the competition to the market place and list soon.  Here are a few helpful tips for those homeowners who want to take advantage of the winter market…

1. Keep snow and ice at bay.
If the buyer can’t get in easily, the house won’t sell. That means keeping walkways and driveways free of the frozen stuff. Just like trimming the lawn in the summer, you want to make the home look like it’s been maintained

2. Warm it up.
If you’re showing during the winter, think “warm, cozy and homey”.  Before a buyer comes through, adjust the thermostat to a warmer temperature to make it welcoming. Buyers who come in and aren’t comfortable won’t stay long. If you have a gas fireplace, turning it on right before the tour can give the house a little ambience.

3. Take advantage of natural light.
Make the most of the light you do have. Have the curtains and blinds cleaned and open them as wide as possible during daytime showings. Clean all the lamps and built-in fixtures, and replace the bulbs with the highest wattage that they will safely accommodate. Before you show the house, turn on all the lights.

4. Play music softly in the background.
To create a little atmosphere, tune the radio to the local classical station. Turn it down so that you barely hear it in the background. It’s soothing and I think people tend to stay around a little longer and look a little longer.

5. Make it festive.
Greet your buyers as if they were going to be guests at a party.  Set up the dinner table with the good china and silver. Have a plate of cookies for your guests, some warm cider or even chilled bottles of water.  First impressions are so powerful. It will look as though you are greeting the buyers as company.

6. Give the home a nice aroma.
Some popular scents: cinnamon rolls, freshly baked bread, apple pie, apple cider or anything with vanilla, cinnamon or yeast.  But don’t overdo it, scented candles in every room or those plug-in air fresheners can leave buyers wondering what you’re trying to mask.  Watch the bad smells, too. Pet smells, smoke and musty odors can cling to curtains and carpets.

7. Use the season to your advantage.
While the holidays are over (and the Christmas and Hanukkah stuff should come down), you can still use winter wreaths and dried arrangements around the door to spark interest. Anything seasonally appropriate is fun.

If you or someone you know have interest in buying or selling a Pendleton/ Madison County home please contact me at or 765 425 3606.  Connect with me at to stay up to date on the local real estate market.



More Deals for the Last Minute Christmas Shopping

Can you believe that there is less than 10 days until Christmas!! Time sure flies this time of the year.  If you aretupperware anything like me you still have shopping to do and gifts to wrap so I thought I would show you some great deals that I have found and that would make wonderful gifts for that homeowner or homeowner to be!

The first deal that I found irresistible is on livingsocial and it is interior painting for a room up to 12×12.  This might be appealing to me because of my complete disdain for painting, the preparation, the taping, the multiple layers, and the unavoidable mess.  What a great gift for someone who has just bought a new house! For only $99 you can take one thing off of their inevitable long list of things to do.

The next deal from groupon is ideal for someone attempting to sell their home or moving into a new home and that is carpet and upholstery cleaning.  For a mere $59.00 you can get 500 square feet of carpet cleaned or a couch and chair cleaned.  This tends to be something that people don’t want to spend money on themselves making it an ideal and practical gift for the holidays!

And last but not least I’m sure we’ve all been there… trying to find a lid for the tupperware only to discover that it is nowhere to be found.  Or giving out goodies and meals to people and never getting your plastic containers returned.  Well this should solve your problems and make a very practical house warming or Christmas gift and that is a 60 piece fresh keeper food storage set. For only $39 it makes a very economical and thoughtful present.

And as always remember that these deals do not last long so don’t hesitate!

Deals You Most Definitely Don’t Want to Miss!

Christmas is coming ever so quickly and I have rounded up some fantastic deals for all your homeowners or roboticvacuumhomeowners to be on your list.  The best part is you never have to leave your house or fight the mall crowds!

The first deal I found was on livingsocial and it is one of the neatest and most unique decorations.  It is a vertical plant frame for outdoors.  This 10 cell planter is able to hold plants and flowers of all kinds and hangs up on your outdoor wall.  What a great way to display your green thumb and add a bit of flare to your outdoor seating area.  This usually sells for $199.00 but grab it right now for only $99.  This is a lovely house warming gift or gift for the avid gardener in your life.

The next deal is on groupon and it is a deal on air duct cleaning for up to 12 air ducts and your dryer vents.  In addition to cleaning you will also receive a system analysis and a mold inspection.  This gift is ideal for parents to be who want to make sure their home is clean and healthy for their little one of anyone who suffers from allergies! For only $39 you can give a personal gift that shows someone you really care.

And last but not least also on groupon there is a deal for a very sought after gadget and that is the robotic vacuum.  Imagine sitting and reading the paper all the while watching a robot sweep and clean your floors! This particular vacuum includes a pet and allergy kit ideal for cleaning up pet hair and dander.  So no more hair balls in the corner or sneezing due to allergies.  This is the perfect gift for any pet owner, allergy sufferer, or anyone who does not enjoy housework! This little gadget usually sells for over $450 but you can get it today for only $259!

And remember these deals will not last long so don’t hesitate on buying that perfect Christmas gift!

Deals You Don’t Want to Miss

It’s that time of year again…. last minute Christmas shopping! Luckily this year I’m going to make it easy on youwoodpic and post some of the best online deals that I have found online that would be perfect for any new home owner, someone selling their home, or anywhere in between.  But remember these sales don’t last long so don’t wait.

The first deal that I found is on groupon and it is house and window cleaning! For a mere $49 you can get 5 rooms and 2 bathrooms spic and span.  This type of service would usually cost you $150.00.  This is a perfect gift for someone trying to sell their home and needing to spruce up the place.  It would also be ideal for a busy mom, someone with a new baby, or anyone who doesn’t like to clean (I’m pretty sure that included everyone).

The next deal that I think is a wonderful gift idea to really add a personal touch to the home.  Eversave deals are offering a wood photo canvas that usually sells for $125 for $50.  You can choose any photo that you want and have it printed on high quality wood and receive free shipping.  What a great gift for grandparents or a wedding picture for a new bride.

The last deal of the day that I have for you is a very practical gift for a very dreaded chore found on livingsocial. This is a deal for gutter cleaning and it only costs $89 for 2.000 feet of gutter gunk! This is ideal for new home owners or for your elderly family who shouldn’t be up on a ladder cleaning.

Hopefully you can find something in here to help fill your lengthy Christmas shopping list.  I will continue to share new deals with you every day or so so stay tuned!