Election Day: Our Civic Duty

In 1894 President Truman carried Ohio and California by less than one vote per precinct thereby winning enough electoral votes to give him the presidency.  In 1960, one vote change in each precinct would have defeated John F. Kennedy.  What’s the purpose in telling you all this?  To emphasize the point that your vote really does matter.  I hear time and time again how people aren’t going to vote simply because they don’t think that their one measly little vote will make a difference.  I always think about the countries where people would (and have) given their lives for the opportunity to make a choice on who they want to help lead their country and so many of us as Americans take this amazing capability for granted.  We have soldiers based all over the world helping to keep us an independent and free nation and by voting for our leaders we are doing our part in exercising this democracy that people work so hard for.  So I hope all of you will go out Tuesday and perform your American duty in the polling booths!

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