Children’s Christmas Open House at the Library!

I’m not sure if any of you have attempted to take your kids to see Santa at the mall but let me let you in on a little secret…. it’s maddness!!! The lines are usually incredibly long with many kids dreading the entire experience.  Luckily our little town offers a wonderful and educational alternative by having their children’s Christmas open house at the Pendleton Library with a surprise visit from Santa and Mrs. Clause.  This is a wonderful and relaxed environment to bring your kids in to tell Santa what they want this year.  In addition to that there will be cookie decorating, a Christmas craft project, story telling, and balloon animals! What a fun way to get into the Christmas spirit! It all takes place this Saturday (Dec. 1st) from 1:00-3:00 pm at the Pendleton Library in the children’s department.  So avoid the holiday mall maddness and get familiar with your local library!

The Historic Tour of Homes: Legal Trespassing!

If you are anything like me the idea of going through and looking at people’s homes, the way they decorate, how they organize, and what sort of things they buy is exhilarating.  That is why I am so excited that the Spirit of Christmas: Tour of Historic Homes is finally here. It takes place on Saturday Dec. 1st from 3-7 pm.  There are 6 beautiful homes participating this year, including the Falls Park Historical Museum and the new Puzzles restaurant.  If you buy your tickets in advance it is only $12.00 for adults ($14.00 at the door) and $3.00 for kids.  All of the proceeds go towards Historic Preservation Projects! This makes a great girls day out.  What a perfect way to get together for the holiday season and enjoy the decorations and sense of community that this event offers. I hope to see you all there.  If you have any more questions call JoAnn Owens at Pendleton Travel (765-778-2141)

Thanksgiving Follow-Up

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year full of family, friends, and food! I know I certainly ate my fair share! And as promised I took pictures of my apple pie made in the apple like I mentioned in my earlier blog.  Now they tasted wonderful but of course aren’t as pretty as they looked on pinterest! And maybe this year like so many of us you have leftovers.  I don’t know about you but I’m a little burnt out now on the traditional grub so here are some ideas for your leftovers that doesn’t feel or taste like leftovers!

* A Thanksgiving casserole: This uses all sorts of your leftovers like the turkey, mashed potatos, and gravy.

* A Thanksgiving Stromboli: This recipe uses turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and gravy.

* Recipes using leftover yams or sweet potatoes: Including sweet potatoes ravioli…. yum!!




A Family Friendly Find: New Pendleton Listing

Walking distance to the pool, clubhouse, basketball courts, and playground, sounds like a vacation resort right? Well it may feel like it but it’s a new house listed for sale in Pendleton in the Summerlake addition.  This 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bathroom 2,022 square foot home features a very open floor plan perfect for entertaining or keeping an eye on the kids.  This house is also ideal for the working parent who wants a little place to escape, the house boasts an over-sized master bedroom suite with a private sitting room.  The fenced in backyard with a deck lays the perfect backdrop for games of catch with your dog, volleyball with your kids, or an outdoor dinner party with friends.  And at such an affordable price it’s a hard bargain to pass up.  Contact me ASAP if you want to come see this welcoming home in Pendleton.
Listing courtesy of Keller Williams Realty

Mortgage pre-approval letter…. why get one???

Why it’s important to get a pre-approval letter when shopping for a home 

  • A pre-approval letter is more reliable than a pre-qualification letter. Getting a pre-qualification letter is easy. You just call a mortgage broker or lender, provide some basic financial information, and then wait a few minutes for the letter to come through your email.    A pre-approval letter, on the other hand, involves verification of the information. Rather than taking your word on faith, the lender will ask for documentation to confirm your employment, the source of your down payment and other aspects of your financial circumstances. Granted, a pre-approval is more time-consuming (and possibly more stressful) than a pre-qualification.  The additional work required is exactly why the pre-approval carries more weight.
  • You’ll know how much money you can qualify to borrow. Most home buyers have a rough idea of how much they would feel comfortable paying every month on their mortgage. However, there’s no quick-and-dirty way to translate that monthly payment into a specific maximum mortgage amount because other factors — down payment percentage, mortgage insurance, property taxes, adjustable interest rates and so on.  And, you might not be qualified to borrow as much as you think you should be able to borrow, depending on your income, your debts and your credit history.
  • You’ll have more leverage in negotiations with the seller. Sellers often prefer to negotiate with pre-approved buyers because the sellers know such buyers are financially qualified to obtain the financing they need to close the transaction. A pre-approval letter is an especially favorable in a close multiple offer situation. And, you might feel more confident about making an offer with a pre-approval letter in hand and the knowledge that you’ll be able to obtain a mortgage.
  • Your real estate agent will work harder on your behalf. A pre-approval letter signals to your real estate agent that you’re a well-qualified buyer who is serious about purchasing a home. The increased likelihood of a closed sale.  In fact, some agents won’t even show property to buyers who don’t have a pre-approval letter.
  • Keep in mind, pre-approval letters aren’t binding on the lender, are subject to an appraisal of the home you want to purchase and are time-sensitive. If your financial situation changes (e.g., change in job/income, lease a car or run up credit-card bills), interest rates rise or a specified expiration date passes, the lender will review your situation and recalculate your maximum mortgage amount accordingly.

If you are in the market to buy a home now or will be soon, contact me for a list of reputable mortgage representatives.  Not all companies offer the same mortgage loan products. I can help match you up with a loan provider that fits your situation best.

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Ph: 765 425 3606

A New Twist on Apple Pie

With Thanksgiving only a week away it’s high time to start planning your big meal.  This year I was put in charge of dessert at my family’s pitch-in Thanksgiving meal.  I was also told that store bought was unacceptable this year as my usual go to is putting a store bought pie in one of my own dishes and passing it off as home-made!  So panic mode started to set in, I mean dessert is like the most important part next to the turkey so I did what any other girl does in 2012 when they can’t figure out what to do, I got on Pinterest.  I am happy to say that I have found the most perfect, unique, and semi-effortless dessert to make this year and I wanted to share it with you all.  It is apple pie’s baked directly in the apple.  Not only does everyone get their own preportioned little dessert but it looks almost too cute to eat.  I hope this helps anyone else who is stuck trying to figure out what dessert to make.  Please let me know how it turns out for you! I’ll be updating you with pictures after the holidays!

Click here for the full recipe!

Christmas in Pendleton: The Perfect Way to Get Into the Holiday Spirit

The holiday season is in full swing now and there’s no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than to visit downtown Pendleton this Saturday (Nov.10th) for Christmas in Pendleton.  Not only is the weather supposed to be beautiful but it is such a family friendly and fun environment.  The town really goes all out with the Christmas flare, putting fake snow throughout downtown transforming it into its own little winter wonderland! There will be plenty of shopping to do in the stores and vendors who set up booths.  They will also have the annual Christmas parade and lighting of the Christmas tree.  In addition this is the perfect time to let your kids get their pictures with santa and avoid the mall maddness.  This year there is even a kid zone with lots of kid friendly activities.  So don’t miss out on this annual tradition.  It all starts at 9:00 am with vendors closing at 4:00 and shops at 6:00.  Hope to see you there!