Free Movies! Free Entertainment! Free Books!

I’m sure the title caught several of your eyes.  Lets face it, we all love something for free.   And while history tells us that “nothing in life is free” this proves that to be untrue.  And where is this zero cost, full of things to do place you may ask?…. Well on Water St.  It is the Pendleton Community Library of course.  I know in this digital age where you can access seemingly everything you’ll ever need on your computer or phone it would appear that the library has little to offer anymore.  But on the contrary there are so many useful and fun things to do and see at our local library!  Besides the obvious books you can borrow there, there are also a TON of movies and cd’s they’ll let you borrow too! Want to research your ancestry? Well come check out their genealogy guides! Don’t have internet access at home? Come in and use their up to date computers and maybe even get a little advice from their friendly and knowledgeable staff.  And the perks of having a library card don’t stop there.  You can also rent rooms at the library for events such as a baby shower, a chili cook-off, or a scrapbooking club! And they have a calendar full of family friendly events that people of all ages will enjoy.  So before you conclude that you are too young, too busy, or too cool to go to the library stop in and see what all new things they have to offer!

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