Want to Buy a Home for the First Time? Read This First!!!

So you’ve been renting different houses or apartments up until this point and have decided that now is the time to settle down, invest, and own your own home.  There has truly never been a better time to decide to do this until now.  There is a program out there that just became available again called the Federal Home Loan Bank Grant.  What this is essentially is available grant money that will assist first time home buyers with putting a bigger down-payment.  So for every $1.00 that you save they will match you $3.oo up to $7500!!! So if you are able to save $2500 then you will be able to put $10,000 dollars down on your new house!  And the best part about this is that it isn’t a loan, it’s a grant, which means that as long as you stay in your new house for at least 5 years you will never have to pay that money back.  This truly disregards the saying “nothing in life is free” because this most certainly is.  So if you have been waiting for that perfect opportunity to buy your own home please contact me with any and all questions.  These grants won’t last too long

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