The Fine Art to Foreclosed Homes: A Buyer’s Guide

We all love a good bargain, heck they even have shows dedicated to finding sales and good deals (Extreme Couponing anyone?)   This practice even spills over into the real-estate business.  The best way to find a great deal on a house is to look for foreclosed homes.  While I never like the idea that someone has lost their home in this way it is a great opportunity for others who are looking to purchase a new home.  Many buyers feel that they can look up and find foreclosed homes on their own without the assistance of a realtor.  And while every once in a while that may work there tends to be bigger issues that arise with foreclosed home that an experience realtor would be able to identify.

I have been selling real estate for the past 10 years but over the past 4 years I have been specializing in foreclosures right here in Madison County.  This allows me to know the in’s and out’s of searching for and purchasing this type of home.  I also have access to what foreclosed homes are on the market before the general public does. I can identify pre-foreclosed homes.  This is where the seller has the opportunity to try to sell his/her home before going into foreclosure.  There are also many things to consider when buying a foreclosed home.  For example I would make sure to have a title search done.  This would highlight any liens against the property that you are unaware of.  Also buying owner’s title insurance helps protect you and your property if it were ever challenged on ownership.  And as with any home it is important to have a home inspection.  Even if you are buying a house “as is” you still want to know if there is any major structural issues, gas leaks, or mold problems, etc.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about foreclosures or for a full listing of the ones in your area.  I’d be happy to help you find a great deal on a house!


Fall Fun at Family Friendly Farm

With October quickly creeping in it is time to embrace all that fall has to offer.  One of the best ways to get in the spirit of the season is to visit a pumpkin patch and I have found the most amazing one around.  It is Smith Family Farms located on 675 South in Pendleton.  This family farm has been owned and operated for more than 100 years and boasts over 3000 acres planted yearly.  Through each weekend in October the farm opens up their pumpkin patch to the public.  I think picking out your own pumpkins with your kids trumps a store-bought one any day.  But they offer much more than pumpkins!  There is also a corn maze, pony rides, hay rides, a petting zoo, and lots of yummy food.  And a side note to the teachers out there: they offer field trips during the weekdays as well, the cost is $6.00 a kid and teachers are free.  What a great way to get outdoors and experience nature in a fun environment and I’m sure a great backdrop for some photo ops with the kids!

Free Movies! Free Entertainment! Free Books!

I’m sure the title caught several of your eyes.  Lets face it, we all love something for free.   And while history tells us that “nothing in life is free” this proves that to be untrue.  And where is this zero cost, full of things to do place you may ask?…. Well on Water St.  It is the Pendleton Community Library of course.  I know in this digital age where you can access seemingly everything you’ll ever need on your computer or phone it would appear that the library has little to offer anymore.  But on the contrary there are so many useful and fun things to do and see at our local library!  Besides the obvious books you can borrow there, there are also a TON of movies and cd’s they’ll let you borrow too! Want to research your ancestry? Well come check out their genealogy guides! Don’t have internet access at home? Come in and use their up to date computers and maybe even get a little advice from their friendly and knowledgeable staff.  And the perks of having a library card don’t stop there.  You can also rent rooms at the library for events such as a baby shower, a chili cook-off, or a scrapbooking club! And they have a calendar full of family friendly events that people of all ages will enjoy.  So before you conclude that you are too young, too busy, or too cool to go to the library stop in and see what all new things they have to offer!

Affordable: Move-In-Ready Home In Pendleton!!!

When it comes to getting a big bang for your buck this house certainly fits the bill.  This beautiful brick home located in Falconhurst is priced at a very reasonable $155,000.  This is a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom spacious home, perfect for a growing family.  The house boasts over 2,000 square feet with a 2 car attached garage.  And don’t worry Fido will feel right at home in the large fenced in back yard!  This home is sure to not last long so contact me as soon as possible to set up a tour!

Listing Courtesy of Wood Realty Group

Your Hotrod’s, Trucks, and Hogs…. All to Help the Dogs

It seems that every time I turn around our community is getting together for fun and a good cause.  And while I feel that every event and fundraiser is equal in importance this one is especially near and dear to my heart.  Being the dog/animal lover that I am I was not surprised to see the loyalty, dedication, and sacrifice that the Anderson police K-9 dogs displayed over the past couple of months.  It is a travesty that we lost two of them in such a horrific way.  I am so pleased that our town is coming together to host the Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Benefit Show in Falls Park at the Community Building on October 6th in their honor.  This event is open to the public and the entry fee is only $10.00! All proceeds go to the Anderson Police K-9 Unit in honor of Kilo and Magnum.   Registrations is 10:00-12:00 and judging starts at noon.  There will be door prizes, trophies, great food, and activities throughout the day.  If you need more information please check here.  I’m hoping for a wonderful fall day to socialize and memorialize the brave acts of our police dogs.

House Not Selling? Try These Tips…..

One of the most frustrating things has to be wanting to move into a new home but being stuck because you can’t get anyone to buy your current home.  But did you know sometimes the thing standing between a for sale sign and a sold sign is a single coat of paint or a few flowers by the mailbox.  Buyers are finicky and often times despite having a lovely home there might not be the curb appeal or special niche to get them interested.  Here are a few ideas to try to up the value and beauty of your home.

One of the first, easiest, cheapest, and most important tips is to declutter. Contrary to popular belief not everyone cares to see your sons 18 baseball trophies or your Boyd’s Bears collections.  These personalized items takes away from the big pictures and makes your house appear cluttered to potential buyers.  When you have too much personal stuff it is hard for them to picture their own personal stuff in the house.  Also keeping your house as clean as possible adds to the appeal.  Pretend that the Queen of England, or Peyton Manning, or The President is coming to visit, whoever motivates you! That way you will focus on areas that often times get neglected.

Also you want the outside of your home to stand apart in a good way.  Curb appeal is an important process in staging your home to sell.  You don’t need to invest big money just a few hanging plants or shrubs around the house to give it a pop of color and landscaping.  Keep your yard mowed and looking nice and neat.  Buyers don’t want to go into a home that they think will need a lot of fixing up so if the yard looks good they assume chances are the house will too.

While your daughter might have loved that neon pink with black splatter paint all over her walls the chances of a potential buyer being stoked about this is slim.  Slapping on a fresh coat of neutral, light-colored paint will give the house a clean look and a clean slate to those looking.

Another way to improve the look of a room is to invest in new furnishings.  You can either do this by paying a staging company to bring furniture in or buy your own.  The benefit of buying your own is that you are investing in something that you can take with you and not putting money into something that has to stay.  Think of it as a way to buy new furniture guilt free!

These are just a few of the ways that you can up the value of your home and the potential of selling it quickly.  Here is a list of more ideas to make your house the one that got away.


Zach Wise Memorial Golf Tournament: Great Game for a Great Cause

The third annual Zach Wise Memorial Golf Tournament is taking place September 29th this year at Fall Creek Golf Club.  Tee time is 10:00 am and there is still time to sign up to participate.  It is only $100.00 to be a hole sponsor and only $200 for a team of 4 players.  All of the money raised goes towards the Zach Wise scholarship fund.  Compared to how expensive it is to play at certain courses this is a steal not to mention the money is going towards a wonderful cause.  So hurry and sign up, the deadline for entry fees is September 22nd.  There are order forms and more information here.  I always think its such a win-win when you can have an enjoyable day having fun on the golf course and doing something good for the community at the same time!  Hope to see you all there.