You Get What You Pay For: Hiring a Realtor Vs. For Sale By Owner

ImageIn this economy it is always tempting to go with the cheaper option.  But just like buying the “cheaper” car leads you to many unexpected fixes, selling your house on your own leads to many unexpected dilemmas as well.    * For instance a realtor is much more experienced and knowledgable in negotiating the price of a home, therefore saving you more money on the home you are purchasing and getting you more on the one you are selling. * Plus home buyers rarely pay any out-of-pocket fees for the help of a realtor. *There are also a lot of details about selling or buying a home that the average person is not aware of.  With the help of a realtor you can be assured that all of the legal avenues have been taken and you will not be cheated anywhere along the way.  * Realtors also have access and information about homes that are foreclosed or up for sale that you as the general public would not know about.  * They can help to narrow down your search by determining what exactly you are looking for, therefore saving you time as well.  What it all really boils down to is cost vs benefit.  The cost of a realtor is so minute and non-existent for most home buyers and the benefit of hiring a realtor will save you money, time, and countless headaches.  Seems like a no brainer to me!

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