How Well Do You Know Pendleton?

Like so many of us I live in Pendleton and felt that I knew my town about as well as anyone… that is until I really started looking.  I put together this little quiz to see how well my readers know the town that they call home! Leave me a comment and let me know how well (or maybe not so well) you do.  (answers at bottom of post/ no cheating!!)

1.) What occured in Pendleton in 1824 for the first time in US history?

2.) What was the name of the man who laid out the town and gave it it’s name?

3.) About how many square miles is Pendleton?

4.) What is the station for our very own WEEM radio?

5.) How many elementary schools are there in our district?

6.) What do you think the median cost for a home in Pendleton is?

7.) Unscramble these Pendleton businesses, landmarks, or traditions:  lsafl rakp…..smahs…..wornsb olop…..het knab…..unej ajmorebe…..het oerwlf arct….

Not as easy as you thought?


1.It was the first time in the history of the United States that white men were given capitol punishment for the murder of Native Americans.

2.) Thomas Pendleton

3.) 11.17

4.) 91.7

5.) 3… Pendleton Elementary, East Elementary, and Maple Ridge Elementary

6.) $133,500

7.) Falls Park, Sahms, Browns Pool, The Bank, June Jamboree, The Flower Cart

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