Financing Your New Home With No Money Down

No money to put down? Need a house? Check out the USDA Home Loan that is available to most homes in and around the Pendleton area!  This is essentially a zero down mortgage which allows you to borrow up to 103.5% (which will cover the 3.5% reservation fee as well).  This would mean that you as the home buyer would be putting down exactly zero, zilch, notta, down for a new home in this thriving community.  Unlike other loans that charge you a private mortgage insurance as of now the USDA is still available without the PMI.  While there are some limitations to this loan the main one is based upon location.  Thankfully the Pendleton district and surrounding areas are still located in an area that allows these USDA loans.  In order to determine for sure if the property you are interested in is eligible just go to this link and plug in the address, it’s as simple as that. Hurry now to take advantage of this amazing offer.  And as always please call me with any questions regarding this financing!

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